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星期五, 3月 09, 2007



人家玩耍賴的,我們當然也可以用人身credit來質疑,比如說: M$ 捐了不少錢給
哈佛,MIT 在OCPL就用linux走不同的路。其次作者不是在電腦界的,卻用過去的經濟理論
來預測完全新的領域(照這樣,Apple 僱用被開除的Steve Job回鍋當CEO,現在不該倒


Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 20:54:50 -0500 (CDT)
to: 相關同儕(這不好公開)

> Windows will beat Linux threat, say academics

I do not trust a paper mentioning this by the authors themselves:

"The researchers admit that the formal economic model they've constructed
is highly simplified, and may not reflect important factors that exist in
the real world"

I am not interested in invloving the flame war between Linux VS windows.
I just want to share with you four different view points:

One from MIT

One from French

On from India

Actually, right here in Texas, Sam Houston State U. is replacing their Cisco VoIP for
open-source Asterisk on linux server